view of a geothermal field

How to add a new site


To add a new site you must have some environmental information:

  • have information about site location, site name and nearest town
  • have some kind of information on potentiel environmental impact on the site: LCA, environmental impact study, environmental risk analysis... This information may be a document (pdf format) that you will upload or a link to a published article (or report ...)

The procedure to add a new site is:

  • YOU: you must create an account on the site, by clicking on LOGIN
  • US: this account will be validated by an administrator. This is to avoid filling of data by non-physical person.
  • once your account is validated, the link add a new site will appear in the site database tab
  • YOU: click on the link "add a new site" and fill the form with the information you have. Mandatory information are indicated by a red asterisk
  • US: your form will be validated. This is to verify you provide relevant information and also that it is not already provided within another form